Day ? Of Ribbed Beanie

OMG, WHAAAAAII (WHY)!?!?? That’s just… really that’s just, uhhhhm.

I HAD TO START ALL OVER ON THE BEANIE :'(. After the second use of the camel colored skein, I’ve noticed that the ribbing + stockinette + ribbing pattern did not look great and I couldn’t go back to ribbing after the stockinette rows. Or at least I tried to and failed. So on the third day of the beanie, I had to rip out all that work and start all over :'(!

Third day now? I think it’s the third day. With the change of everything, I’ve finally made it to the 22nd row of the beanie!!! YAY! Before going back to the black skein again I made sure to add a lifeline in the work just in case I messed up. Since I’m getting a bit tired, I’ll start on the beanie again tomorrow morning after I rearrange the scrambled yarn. BEANIE IS HALF WAY DONE :D!!



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