Perfect Scenery for Crocheting//Knitting

Good evening to you crocheters//knitters! I just want to write a little post before going off into dream world. What’s your perfect crocheting//knitting scenery like? Mine. I think mine would have to be on a slightly dark raining day. I love listening to rain hitting against the window and thunder that sounds like the ocean. What’s weird was that when I was litte, I used to be afraid of the cloudy skies that brings roaring dinosaur sounds. Now, that’s a different story for me when I’m either crocheting//knitting. The rain and thunder along with my crocheting//knitting helps me escape the busy day and just stitch my way into this yarn world of mine. Quite soothing :). Well. Good night to everyone and have a wonderful dream!


3 thoughts on “Perfect Scenery for Crocheting//Knitting

  1. ingridbolanos

    I’m with you. My perfect crocheting/knitting scenery would be a rainy day with thunder and lightening, lights off all around the house except for a bedside lamp and piano classics playing.


    1. AHintofYarn Post author

      Ahh yes, forgot about classical music! That along side with rain hitting against the window and thunder. Helps sooths the mind from everyday troubles 🙂

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