My Poor Project, My VERY Poor Project!

Have anyone of you guys ever worked so hard on a knitting project where it’s almost completed and found out that there’s a little section that you’ve messed up on? Happens to me ALL the time! Not only because I am a new knitter, it’s also the yarn. Some of the yarns are so smooth that they tend to fall of the knitting needle when I set it down for some reason. When coming back to knit the end of the project, that’s where I find my mistakes the most! So What do I do? I sit there for a good solid ten minutes and just stare it.

I always exaggerate the word why to myself before ripping out all that work. It’s so depressing. Really. I told myself “rip outs no more!” and then went on youtube to look up how to save knitted projects. I love this, I LOVE this technique so very much!

Does anyone need a lifeline? Here’s a piece of scrap yarn along with a tapestry needle for yah! Now. just loop the piece of scrap yarn under each right leg of a “V” underneath the row that you’ve just made a mistake on! Behind all of this wonderful ideas of her’s; I give you… Ms. Staci! Better known as VeryPink Knits on the tube! I found her channel while looking for some ideas on how to save your knitted works. You want to know what’s even better? Drum roll… she’s a knitting teacher herself :D! Just click on the link to her website, there you’ll find wonderful knitting tutorials that’ll help you throughout your projects. Also, you can get some patterns from Ms. Staci as well with tutorials to guide you through the projects! Well, here’s the link to Ms. Staci’s lifeline technique!                                                                                               image

Happy knitting to everyone out there!


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