I Don’t Have a Yarn stash

Me? Nooo. I don’t have a yarn stash. Maybe just a small one I suppose. Although I think in the future of knitting I’ll have a huge stash of swatches! Yes, that is why I’ve created this section of swatch stash with the befores and afters. I hope that this will come in handy for both of us. By what I mean of the befores and afters is that I’ll list out the information of what size crochet hook or knitting needles I’ll use for the swatches and what happens to them after fully washing. Here’s a list of information that I’ll be providing for the swatches with different types of yarn that I’m gonna use for my projects!

The Befores

  • What brand of yarn I used
  • What the yarn’s weight is
  • What crochet hook or knitting needle I used
  • What color I used for my swatch
  • How many stitches per inch it gave me
  • If I either blocked my work or washed it

The Afters

  • What happens to the color
  • How the texture of the yarn feels like after blocked or washed
  • How many stitches per inch it came with after blocked or washed

Ps: If you want more information on the swatches, leave a comment down below :). Have a great day!


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