My Four Things

Good morning to everyone! Just a day or two ago, I went out and bought a pencil pouch, school box, knitting needle(s) case, and a hamper. My four things that I bought sure comes in handy!

image  Ah yes, the pencil pouch that’s not filled with writing materials. As you can see I only keep three items in here; circular knitting needles, dpns, and of course the skein’s information paper. Some fell off of the skein while I was working on crocheting projects awhile back so I kept it in the purple pouch.

image  This one makes me feel like a little happy kid again! A pink pencil box. I usually knit in the car so before my pencil box, I took along my pouch. Sometimes I forgot to put the scissors in or maybe the measuring tape so I couldn’t really finish my project. Now that I bought a pencil box I switched everything around and kept all of the supplies in here and take it with me wherever I go! Inside the pencil box, I keep a pair of scissors, tapestry needle, measuring tapes, ring markers (I had some blue and green clipping markers, but they’re all over the place), gauge checker, post it (to keep tallies or mini notes), row counter, and a pen.

image My knitting needle(s) case. Since I’ve just started to knit last month, I bought two knitting needles instead (I like the circular knitting needles more :P). With this case I like how they give you a bottom cap for things that you want to keep in it. There’s not much that I’ve put in. Just a few safety pins and a scrap yarn.

image Last but not least, my hamper. Besides keeping dirty clothes in here, I’ve replaced that with skeins! I promise. Sometime in the near future, I will roll them up with a center pull.

These are just a few that I have as of right now. I hope all of these little storage tips will help some of  you out. Have wonderful day of crocheting//knitting!


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